Eat Here Now: Emmy Squared

Emmy Squared in Williamsburg is the Detroit-style pizza place from the owners of Emily in Clinton Hill. It's the home to those small, rectangular pies that you've seen way too many times on Instagram, but are deservedly so. Detroit-style means sauce on top of cheese, instead of the other way around, with thick, crispy, crust that tastes like crispy cheese. They come sliced into 6 small squares, and are served on wire racks on square wooden tables in a light-filled space on a corner in Williamsburg. Emmy Squared is perfect, and don't you forget it. 

We got the Margarita pizza, which comes with huge chunks of burrata and fresh basil on top, as you can see...


The dough is super light and airy, almost like focaccia bread and the deep, flavorful red sauce rivals my grandma's, which is arguably the greatest sauce ever made.

We also ordered a chicken parm sandwich, which comes on a buttery, toasted pretzel bun. The bun is perfectly toasted so it's crunchy on the edges and outside, but still pillowy on the inside. The bottom bun is cut thick enough so that it doesn't get soggy, meaning you can actually picky it up to eat it. The chicken cutlet is also insanely crispy and flavorful, and is covered in the same sauce as the pizzas, with more fresh basil and an absurd amount of milky, creamy, stretchy mozzarella.

A few blocks away from Emmy Squared is Brooklyn Charm, which is a jewelry store where you can put a bunch of charms on any chain. I got a little gold french fries charm put onto a leather choker and I've never been so obsessed with anything before in my life. I highly suggest making yourself or someone else a necklace post-pizza feast.