Eat Here Now: Quality Eats

You know a restaurant is one of the good ones when you get up from the table to leave and you're already thinking about ways to come back. I could definitely grab lunch here tomorrow, have dessert with friends on Tuesday, bring my parents for dinner on Wednesday and then bring my sister for brunch next weekend. That was my brain's immediate response to the meal I had at Quality Eats, and while it may have been a little aggressive, it's true that this restaurant is perfect for almost dining situation. The staff was amazing, it felt so good to be there that I stayed upwards of two hours, and everything I ate was somehow comforting but also really surprising, and all of that mixed together makes Quality Eats as good as it is. Here's what I ate:

The waitress accidentally brought us out a mini skillet of monkey bread, and we gladly accepted. The just baked soft-on-the-inside, cheesy, crusty-on-the-outside rolls were still hot and served with three types of butter. THREE. One had specks of smokey, salty bacon in it, one was a salmon butter, and the last was Bloody Mary butter, which was actually my favorite one. It tasted like a salty tomato basil butter and was perfect on the hot, cheesy rolls. 

We almost didn't order this black and white french toast, but I just couldn't resist, and oh my god, I've never been so thankful for my lack of self control. The stack of buttery brioche slices soaked in custard with crunchy edges were so delicious and every time I cut a piece off, my knife cracked through the golden brown crust and the warm, buttery, vanilla pudding-like insides poured out onto the plate. It was definitely much more of a dessert than a meal on it's own, but it also worked perfectly as complement to the savory dish we got.

We ordered the bacon, egg and cheese with avocado, which came on the same monkey bread we started with. I hate American cheese with every bone in my body, but I actually didn't mind it on here. The bacon was really thick but still crispy and the monkey bread was warm and doughy. If you want something simple and delicious, this is for you. 

I was definitely too full at this point, but I wasn't going to pass up a cup of banana ice cream with peanut butter caramel, candied bacon and cinnamon toast croutons. If you don't get this, we're not friends.